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This is the most annoying website on the internet. You can not resume browsing where you left off the last time you were there. They display pictures in random sequence, so you end up seeing the same pictures over and over and over and over and get the idea. They told me to save the images I like. I don’t know how they figure this is going to prevent seeing the same images over and over. They need to hire some programmers who... Read more

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I bought a chair, it arrived with broken legs. They said they will ship another leg. I called a few days later, Houz said the leg will be shipped the next day. So I asked for a return. Then the vendor emailed me quickly, and said the leg is shipped and i cannot return or I have to ship that giant chair myself!!!. So the whole situation was a blame game between Houzz & the seller. I think Houzz should accept responsibility, I made the purchase... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 08
  • #933306

Ordered a vanity and it arrived with no legs. I called and was told they would have a solution in 24hours. 40 hours later called back and promised a solution. 3 days later and still nothing, not a peep fromHouzz

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Not able to return a defective product where the frame would not fit into the base. Asked for pictures after 2 days when I contacted them within 4 hours of delivery and already packed to return ship. After 3 days more communication with Houzz, and asking them to verify my degree by goggling my name on line, and was asking for advice from my brother in law attorney, told I would get a return shipping label in 2 days. This has not happened. ... Read more

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I bought something from Houzz. The order arrived way smaller than the measurements. The tools provided did not firmly and easily put the chairs together. After trying to put one chair together for over an hour, I called and told them that I want to return the item. They asked for pictures then told me on two occasions the seller set pick up dates for Fed Ex. I spent two weekends in the house waiting for a fed ex guy who never showed. It has now... Read more

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I have a complaint about HOUZZ. The product I ordered had flaws so I called HOUZZ customer service and they asked me for more informations and photos of the flaws. I took the trouble to take and download photos and then sent HOUZZ the photos but I have not heard back. To make things worse, later I saw the same product at the Wayfair company and Walmart and several other places online for one third the price. I am very disappointed in this... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 03
  • #912384

Sold us Chinese *** and return is a battle never again !

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Stay away! Worst company and model ever , selling anything cheap Chinese *** and do not take any responsibility !!

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No one at houzz has a clue. Like about delivery dates, problems with order and product. Good for pictures and ideas but not selling. Customer service seems to be the same person Carly who handles problems. That one is suspicious. Houzz deletes you off their site as soon as you complain about them. They perform many illegal actions against consumer rights. Need more protection than BBB. Who do you call? Read more

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I tried to post a negative review about a company and it was not posted. Do you only post positive reviews? Read more

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