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Houzz is a fake. I wrote a legitimate review of a company I used to remodel my kitchen that Houzz gave 5* to.

They were horrible. The didn't know what they were doing from installing my new dishwasher to absolutely ruining the back-splash they installed. The touchup work was shoddy and the granite work was terrible. These were not professionals.

I never saw my review of the company after submitting it to Houzz, so I am convinced that companies pay Houzz and they only post the 5* reviews.

Unfortunately Yelp is not better. In fact Yelp deleted my account after I posted an unfavorable review about this construction company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Houzz Construction Review Listing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: I gave this contractor no stars.

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If this is the same Contractor (Mike W.) I used from Beaver County, Pa. he was HORRIBLE!!!

Learn from my mistake. I take pictures of everything he gave me bid then after he realized he didn't know how to bid correctly he kept upping my bill. He craftsmanship is absolutely terrible he should be ashamed of himself. He doesn't even have a set crew he changed his guys several times throughout the 2 month process, I am assuming because he didn't pay them.

He made up a contract that said 25% up front 50% when half the job was completed, 75% when the 3/4 of the job was completed and the balance when the rest was completed. Well he was asking me for every week out of the 2 months he did the work, then when he wanted final payment the work wasn't even completed! He told me make him a list of issues that I noticed, well I believe he did that hoping I would catch his screw ups! But I am a Contractor as well and I found so many I was sick that I paid him half of what I did.

Then when check the list to see if he completed everything "LIKE HE TOLD ME HE DID" it wasn't half completed so I made another list and he didn't complete that either. So I started texted him telling how poor his work was and he make a list and I'll come back. I said no I will fix it myself so I know it's done right and send you the bill for my time! He had the AUDACITY to say I owed him more money for supplies which I paid him for all the supplies in the final invoice, I told him I have the final invoice saying I paid him for it, of course he didn't have a reply.

Here is just a few examples of his HORRIBLE Contracting lack of skills and shady practice:1. I got a bid to paint the entire inside of the house he up the price by $500.00 dollars at the end cause I wanted the a different color on the ceiling and trim?? I respond to and said your bid doesn't specify using only 1 color throughout the house!!! His reply was thanks you taught me a valuable lesson???

WT.!!!! He wanted to just spray the whole house so it was easy for him and look like crap for me!! The kicker out of this issue is he didn't even finish painting, I had to finish because this was one of the several issues I left him a hand written note to take care of and he claimed he did. Oh yea I forgot that he laid the paint on the basement floor so thick and put a second coat down before the bottom coat was dry, I had to scrap the top coat off just so the 1st coat would dry.2.

I had him sand and stain my hardwood floors. WHAT A JOKE!! This house is only a 2 bedroom home with a hallway and a livingroom that needed floors redone. He kept calling me to get more stain to point he had me get 4 pints of stain for those areas and I couldn't figure out or the guy from Sherwin Williams couldn't figure out why he needed so much.

Well when I look at the floors when he had the nerve to tell he was done and send me a picture I wanted to throw up!! The floors were shot, ripples and waves all over! After I COMPLAINED he said he wouldn't charge me for them. Well now I had to either have them done by someone that knew what they were doing or laminate over them.

I screwed up by not realizing that he charged me for the sander and sand paper not to mention all the money in stain and polyurethane I bought of course he didn't offer not charge me for the sander or the sander rental or sand paper.These are just a couple of examples I COULD WRITE A NOVEL how many things I HAD TO FIX because I was a fool to ever use HOUZZ CONSTRUCTION out of BEAVER COUNTY, Pa. SEE YOU IN COURT MIKE!!

to Anonymous #1508808

This review was written by a house flipping real estate agent in Bethel Park named Darian. We only agreed to do a small portion of his project but he kept adding adhoc work which delayed us in getting to our next customer who was waiting.

As you can see by his own writing that when we made a mistake we either came back to fix it or in the case of the hardwood floors - we didn't even charge him.

The hardwood sanding came out bad due to a defective floor sander - could have happened to anyone. Not sure why Darian is so upset because the house sold within 3 days.


I’m right there with you. Doubt this gets published. I will do whatever necessary for @houzz to be called out


I think I’m in the same boat. Tried to find info about Houzz reviews and found what you did. If you are on @twitter, please share there and yelp as well

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