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The company contacted me after writing this review and after several calls and e-mails, they were able to locate my item with the original vendor and honored their original pricing. They also issued me a gift card towards the purchase in which case I essentially just paid taxes and shipping.

I received the item and the shipping was uneventful! Houzz definitely made it right and I am happy with the outcome

Original review posted by user May 02

I bought a buffet table on the Houzz website. The 3rd party called CEVA shipped the item based on the shipping label on the box. When I tracked my item through the website, it was sent from California to Nashville Tennessee. I live in Southern California.

I called the shipping company and after 3 weeks and over 10 phone calls to Houzz/CEVA it was sent to me. The item delivered had another persons name and address (person lived in KY) and it was not the correct item.

Houzz Customer service then told me they lost my item after 3 weeks of assuring me the item would be sent to me.

When asked for the item I paid for they told me it was not available anymore, however, on the website it is clearly available for purchase but for 1700 dollars. I paid 497.00 for the same exact item 3 weeks ago.

I requested that if the item was still at the shipping dock to send it to me (shipping dock of vendor “1st Avenue” is in Palo Alto, CA then shipped to the hub in Carson, CA.) If my item was mistakenly sold to another person, I asked that they allow me to buy the item again at the price I paid for originally. The customer service team at Shop Houzz refused that resolution and just gave me my money back and said if I want to buy it, I now must pay 4 times the price. I asked for a price adjustment and the customer service rep knocked off 250.00 for the replacement and closed the case because I received a “refund” resolution. The customer service representative said, that this was the best he can do. I now paid for an item I never received and if I want the item (which they have) they are forcing me to buy it again for 4 times the price. I originally bought it for under 500 dollars and due to their business processes they sold my item to someone else (this is a fact because I see the online reviews of the product by people who just received it in the mail).

I am disappointed in the resolution escalation process because it is just an unethical business practice. You cannot tell someone you do not have the item when it clearly is advertised on the website for 4 times the price. The current price is even higher than the original price even after the discount.

The CEO is a couple from Palo Alto and I really don’t feel that this is how they would truly want their business to run. I think they should know about this because it’s not them it’s their escalation process protocol that needs to be changed as it can lead to legal issues with vendors, contractors if unresolved. We just want Houzz Shop LLC to do the right thing. I feel my voice was not heard by being level headed and reasonable and we are trying to be part of the resolution as a consumer. I feel Houzz Shop LLC customer service is not making this problem right due to their limited power at their level, as they said they did the best they could do. They obviously have the product and will not sell it to me again for a discounted rate that is remotely close to what I paid for 4 weeks ago. I want the buffet table, not just a refund of my money so I can just buy the same exact item for 1700 dollars (1500 dollars with the discount code they gave me).

The person who worked for Houzz clearly put my shipping receipt in the wrong box and inadvertently the shipping company was not tracking my item because my item was left behind at the warehouse and sold to someone else.

My Desired Resolution is I want to buy this item online for the price I paid for it the first time. Because of the mistake, the current price is now 4 times more expensive and out of our budget. Refunding my money is not an ethical resolution because you are giving me my money back just to make me buy it all over again for 1700 dollars. Due to time lost I can no longer find it online on another website at the lower price a month ago.

In addition, Houzz should seriously start rethinking of going to another shipping vendor. They tell me it was all HOUZZ fault due to the error in the packing slip and shipping sticker on the box mismatched.

Again it was my first experience using Houzz and I feel it is so important as a company to know why Operations at the primary level has been such a poor outcome for me and many other users.

Product or Service Mentioned: Houzz Customer Care.

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